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  • Are Rules of Origin a Second-Order Discipline in Trade Agreements?

    For many countries, the economy this decade presents similar challenges, as they are facing higher pandemic-related health expenditures and increases in prices for energy and many basic raw materials due to the war between Russia and Ukraine. One consequence of these higher expenditures is that there is a general need to make the collection of…

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  • In rules of origin, is trade facilitated in your country?

    A new version of the “Digital and Sustainable Trade Facilitation: Global Report 2021. Based on the United Nations Global Survey on Digital and Sustainable Trade Facilitation” was recently published. This fourth UN global survey was conducted by five United Nations Regional Commissions (UNRC) for Africa (ECA), Europe (UNECE), Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), Latin America…

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  • Incomprehensible Distortions of Rules of Origin

    The public or private activities of foreign trade operators are affected by periodic reviews of the Harmonized System (HS), which are certainly essential and predictable. Although the most recent revision came into force earlier this year, the correlation of HS versions is an ongoing issue in preferential trade. When correlating the subheadings of two versions…

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